Thursday, May 8, 2014

CiF @ Dazzle the District

Source: Play House Square
Last Friday night, CiF staff and their guests had a front-row seat to Playhouse Square’s Dazzle the District event! Some 19,000 people crowded the streets directly outside of CiF’s Cleveland offices to celebrate the completion of a massive, new outdoor chandelier and other aesthetic streetscaping improvements.

The downtown event had a carnival-like atmosphere complete with food, drink, and live music and was highlighted by the lighting of the huge chandelier. Comprised of more than 4,200 crystals and illuminated by 70 GE LED Infusion Modules, the 20-foot tall crystalline chandelier is suspended from steel trusses some 44 feet off the ground at the corner of East 14th Street and Euclid Avenue.

Playhouse Square is the second largest theatre complex in the United States and they, along with public and corporate partners, organized the construction of the chandelier and other lighting and streetscape improvements so as to create a more inviting and exciting urban environment.

Below are some great pictures from the event, and you can find more at the Playhouse Square website.